Setting up sound through HDMI in KDE on openSUSE 12.2

I use an older PC as media player, it’s connected through a HDMI cable to a LCD TV. Most of the people might use, in this case, a media center application like XBMC (packages for openSUSE are available in the packman repository). I have my own reasons for using just plain openSUSE:

  • I like KDE in openSUSE and I’m proficient in setting it up the way I want
  • my older PC has little memory, 1 GB with 256 MB shared as video memory for the on-board GeForce 8200 video
  • need to run a web-browser (Firefox) that I can set up with large fonts to be read at 3 m
  • I actually like more to run mplayer on the command line to play stuff and pass options to it this way, rather thank click through menus

By default, sound goes to the sound board jack plugs, which means you should connect speakers to hear it. However, the TV has it’s own speakers and sound from the PC can reach them through the HDMI cable.

Go to KDE Configure Desktop, in the Hardware section, choose Multimedia and then Phonon.

The Audio Hardware Setup should look like this:

The Device Preference should look like this:

Click on “Internal Audio Digital Stereo (HDMI)”, then on “Test”. You’d expect that to be enough, but if you’ve come to read this post it might be because it’s not working for you yet. The most probable reason is that the particular output is muted by default. Here’s the magic tool to un-mute it: alsamixer. It can be run in Konsole:

Select the sound card with [F6]

In the next screen, use right arrow [->] to scroll through available channels until you reach S/PDIF 1 and un-mute it with [M]

In your case it might be something else than S/PDIF 1. Just look for channels that are muted, they have a “MM” at the bottom, like “Line” has in the picture above. It helps if you play a song in a different window and just mute/un-mute channels, one by one, in alsamixer.


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